Terms & Conditions

Customers are responsible for their booking once made. Bristol Maritime Academy issues customers with joining instructions via email. Customers must inform Bristol Maritime if they do not receive the joining instructions at least 48 hours before the course start date.

Bristol Maritime Academy shall not be liable where customers did not receive joining instructions and have not informed Bristol Maritime beforehand.

If Bristol Maritime Academy is unable to meet any booking through circumstances beyond its control, the Customer may be offered another booking at Bristol Maritime Academy’s discretion.

If Bristol Maritime Academy and the Customer are unable to agree to an alternative booking, Bristol Maritime Academy will refund the course fee paid. This is the limit of Bristol Maritime Academy’s liability.

Bristol Maritime Academy will decide how and when any course is facilitated and whether the course will proceed as planned.


Course places are secured when Bristol Maritime Academy receives payment. Full payment for all courses is required at the time of booking.

Making full payment for any booking means that the Customer accepts all Bristol Maritime Academy Terms and Conditions in full.

Partial/full refunds of a course (on the below cancellation policy) are subject to a £25 cost to cover transaction fees of the original payments.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for any course must be made in writing (email accepted) to Bristol Maritime Academy, not less than 14 days prior to the scheduled course start date. Course fees less an Administration Charge of £25 will be refunded within 30 days.

Customers canceling courses less than 14 days prior to the start of the course will not be entitled to any refund. However, Bristol Maritime Academy will accept a change to the delegate name up to the start of the course. This must be a new delegate and cannot be a delegate that is already booked on future courses.

Bristol Maritime Academy shall not accept claims and shall not be liable at any time for claims or expenses caused by circumstances beyond its control including sickness, accident, travel delays, vessel breakdown, weather, industrial action, war, or civil unrest.

Rescheduled Bookings

Where Bristol Maritime Academy and the Customer have agreed to an alternative booking this booking will stand and cannot be moved to a further alternative date or refunded unless Bristol Maritime Academy is unable to meet the booking through circumstances beyond its control.

Bristol Maritime Academy can only hold a booking to be rescheduled for one year from the original course date, after this time the booking will be considered as canceled by the customer.


Bristol Maritime Academy Ltd is fully insured, however, Customers are recommended to take out their own insurance against cancellation, damage, or loss of personal effects, death, or personal injury.

Bristol Maritime Academy and its employees accept no liability for personal injury, theft, loss, or damage for Customer’s clothing, equipment, and personal property howsoever caused on or off the company’s craft or premises.

Customers acknowledge that there are inherent dangers involved in all sports, including marine training, and understands and agrees to sign the booking form, holding the company, its servants, agents, and employees free of any liability in the event of an accident, death, injury or damage to person or property.

Own Boat Tuition or Delivery

Own boat tuition will only be undertaken on a vessel owned by the person attending the course. The vessel must be insured by the owner for loss, damage, and legal liability to third parties.

The vessel must be in a seaworthy condition for the course and carry appropriate safety equipment, meeting the RYA regulations. Bristol Maritime, upon request, will provide the list of equipment to the owner. The owner must ensure that the boat meets the RYA regulations, and all fuel consumed is the owner’s responsibility.

The owner always remains the skipper and legally responsible for the safe management of the vessel (including when under tuition) and will not hold the Instructor or Bristol Maritime responsible for any loss or damage.

Bristol Maritime cannot be held responsible or provide a refund where tuition is not possible due to the vessel becoming unusable before or during the own boat tuition. It is at Bristol Maritimes discretion should a rescheduling of the own boat tuition take place.

Bristol Maritime will decide how and when any own boat tuition is facilitated and whether the course will proceed as planned.


Customers provided with equipment such as waterproofs and life jackets etc. are responsible for their safe return at the end of the course. Damage to any item beyond normal wear and tear may render the client liable to either pay for the item in full or to pay an amount to Bristol Maritime Academy as compensation (as determined by Bristol Maritime Academy).


Navathome data policy and terms and conditions

A data policy section is contained within the Navathome terms and conditions explaining everything the students need to know about how and why we use and store their personal data. This information is included here as they have access to it before they book and agree to it when they book.

The policy added to the terms and conditions is shown below:

Data Protection (Navathome)

How and why we hold your personal information.

The use of is open to those completing Navathome online courses provided by Navathome. This website is encrypted and maintained on a secure server and your personal details will not be used for any other purpose than completing your online course.

In order to take a course, you will be asked for your name, email, telephone number, and address. Your name and email address are used for the purposes of recording any grades or certificates achieved and to make contact with you and your telephone number and postal address for delivery of your course material.

Management of your course and any instructional support that you may need is provided by your RYA instructor working on behalf of Navathome. Access to the course and support is provided for an initial period of 6 months and this may be extended should you choose to extend your study period. To allow this to happen your instructor has personal contact information and has visibility of your progress and achievements in the course admin.

On completion of your course, your name and email will be retained on the Navathome database for the purpose of recording details of the course and any certification gained as a result of it. Please note that your instructor may retain personal information for the purpose of providing additional services to you not associated with the Navathome online course.

Cookies (Navathome)

A session cookie is used to provide continuity and maintain your login from page to page. Cookies must be enabled in your browser to allow this to happen. When you log out or close the browser this cookie is destroyed.

Length of access (Navathome)

The initial period of access for a Navathome course is 6 months and this may be extended for a further 6 months for a period of up to 2 years from your expiry date. Your name and email are retained on this database for the purpose of using the course when your current access is active or for a record of any course completion or certification when you have completed the course or your course access has expired.

Requesting removal of your personal data. (Navathome)

If you would like your personal data removed from prior to the end of your access period or at any time before you have completed your course, you can request it by email. Please contact giving your name and email address and the course you would like to delete. Please note that if you request deletion of your account before you have completed your course, your access to the course and records of your progress will be lost.

If you would like details of your online course removing from the Navathome database when you have completed the course, please email your request to giving your name and email address. Please note that removal of course details from the Navathome database means that any certification gained as a result of this course will not be verifiable by Navathome, nor would Navathome be able to help with a replacement certificate.

Contact regarding your course. (Navathome)

Contact will normally be made by your RYA instructor. However, occasionally Navathome may contact you in relation to your course or account. This would normally be done by email. You will not receive any sales or marketing information from Navathome as a result of holding an account on the Navathome database.

If you have any questions about how we look after your personal information please contact us by email at

Your course. (Navathome)

While Navathome will endeavor to ensure the correct functionality of courses across the most commonly used devices and web browsers, as such technologies evolve continuously, access cannot be guaranteed.

Copyright of the courses offered through this site belongs to

Course content is devised in good faith from RYA course material and is accurate at the time of publication. While the RYA and Navathome endeavor to ensure that content is reviewed regularly and appropriate changes are made to ensure that content is correct and up to date, it cannot be held responsible for errors.

Unacceptable use of the site. (Navathome)

You must use the site and the information available from the site responsibly.

Minimising data storage (Navathome)

Unlike the RYA interactive website we do not have one access for the students for their course and a separate database to hold student information once they have expired or completed.

End of NAVATHOME T&C and Data Protection


Nothing in this legal notice shall exclude or limit the Company’s liability for:

(a) death or personal injury caused by negligence, as such term is defined by the Unfair ContractTerms Act 1977; or
(b) fraud; or
(c) misrepresentation as to a fundamental matter; or
(d) any liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

This legal notice shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. Disputes arising in connection with this legal notice shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.