Get qualified for your Superyacht Crew Career

Superyacht Crew Training

The Bristol Maritime Academy prides itself on its pioneering work with the superyacht industry that has created bespoke training to meet the diverse needs of crew, owners, captains and management companies alike.

We have a variety of MCA and RYA training for people to get into the superyacht world, as well as MCA modules and basic safety training courses for those already in it.

Superyacht Crew Starter package 

This course is focused on giving people starting their career in the luxurious world of mega yachts. It packages together the essential courses to get your first job onboard vessels all over the world and to start your career click the Superyacht Starter Package button above.

Renewing Superyacht Crew MCA qualifications

As an MCA recognised training centre we have the MCA Basic Safety Training and its individual modules running regularly through our MCA training systems. So if you are looking for any of the MCA modules including MCA Personal Survival Techniques (PST), Elementary First Aid (EFA), Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR), Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention(FPFF), Personal Designated Security Duties (PDSD) then click the MCA button above.

RYA Personal Water Craft Training and Centre Set Up

For over a decade we have specialise in the provision of RYA Personal Watercraft Instructor training and offer a unique and complete service to yachts which allows for maximum training and minimum disruption to vessel and crew schedule (click the link at the top of the page for more information).

The Bristol Maritime Academy can run individual or package deals for boats wanting to train their crews without having to send them away to centres. This ‘Superyacht own boat tuition’ means we can fly a trainer to you and deliver the course on board we can assist in the development and skill base of the whole crew.

Personal Watercraft (Jet skis) feature aboard many charter yachts and you can be sure that guests will always want to use them, regardless of their ability or experience and without the appropriate licences, the PWC operator can be reprimanded by the coastal authorities.

Many Captains, Charter Agents and Managing agents don't realise that you can set up a Superyacht as an RYA training centre, which means you are able to offer an RYA certificated courses to your guests, owners and crew.

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