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Bristol Maritime Commercial

Whether inland rivers, coastal or offshore, Bristol Maritime’s commercial arm can assist you or your team.

For over a decade our team of highly qualified instructors have trained small and large teams to keep safe near water with our unique training courses delivered online, onshore, on water and on site. We believe in professionals training professionals and ensuring the training is appropriate to your team’s working environment.

We deliver training courses across the UK, at your location or at our Training Centre as well as online, with certificated courses including DEFRA, RLSS, MCA, RYA and HSE. For all your needs we can create bespoke training packages including First Aid, working near water and powerboat training, or simply deliver recognised qualifications to keep your team safe and delivering their tasks.

Working in or near water

Royal Live Saving Society (RLSS) or DEFRA compliant working near or in water safety training including PPE, Life Jacket and Dry Suit modules. These can also be part of a package of courses including first aid and powerboating for river, canal or coastal locations.


RLSS provide a range of National Water Safety Management Programme (NWSMP) courses. These are for people from local authorities, schools and organisations who want to train their staff, group leaders or volunteers to be able to work in or around water and support others by keeping them safe.

DEFRA Water & Flood Training

DEFRA Water and Flood Rescue training is provided for companies wanting to deliver projects for the Environment Agency, construction industry or other such groups. The DEFRA modules are slightly bespoke for industrial and environmental companies to keep their teams working safely near or in water.

Coastal Working Locations

Marine Coastguard Agency (MCA) and Royal Yachting Association (RYA) certified training for working in commercial coastal locations or offshore. Whether for sea survival or driving powerboats, we have recognized training courses to suit your requirements.

MCA Courses

MCA courses in Sea Survival, Elementary First Aid and Firefighting can be taken individually or as part of the full MCA STCW Basic Training course. These will suit people working in waters classed as offshore or onboard larger commercial vessels.

RYA Commercial Courses

RYA Powerboating from beginner to advanced (for Commercial or Safety Boat work), Short Range Radio (VHF) and Sea Survival courses meet the requirements for commercial powerboat skippers or as a knowledge base to assist workers in marinas, harbours or other such locations. These can be taken individually or added to other training courses for people working in close proximity to the shore.

First Aid at Work or On Water

First Aid training can be delivered for any at work task, whether on the water or on land. We deliver a variety of training, from Health and Safety Executive (HSE) First Aid at Work courses, to Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and Marine Coastguard Agency (MCA) Elementary First Aid training.

HSE First Aid at Work

HSE First Aid at Work is the most recognised first aid training course available for those requiring first aid in the workplace.

RYA First Aid courses

RYA First Aid courses are focused on requirements for people spending time on the water and the syllabus includes hypothermia, drowning and delivering first aid from a boat.

Outdoor First Aid

Outdoor First Aid is for remote or loan workers delivering tasks in isolated locations. Often the chosen first aid course for anyone wanting a First Aid at work course for outdoor workers.

MCA Elementary First Aid

MCA Elementary First Aid is for people working offshore, on large vessels or needing to complete their MCA STCW Basic Safety Training.

If you are looking for water access or safety for any projects on water, contact our sister company BMSAFETY. Our team deliver pontoon, boat or safety requirements nationally for anything from bridge inspections and safety boat cover, to large scale pontoon access needs.

Specific Safety Package

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