DEFRA Water Safety Courses

Bristol Maritime is one of the UK's main providers of specialist DEFRA Compliant working near water training. Our expert trainers work with large organisations from constructions companies to government and council departments. With our unique training locations and the ability to also deliver training at your site or online, our team can assist you with making sure your team is WaterSafe.

See the calendar below for our open course dates or contact for group bookings at either our or your location.


We run all these courses UK wide and have the ability to bring the training to your site or office. We also have our own locations in Bristol, Wiltshire and the Midlands which are all purpose built for the specialist training we deliver. Our main training centre in Bristol is surrounded by some of the most unique waterways in the UK with costal, river and inland locations. We also have our own specialist water safety training location which gives our students a genuine outdoor river environment to replicate real working locations and a variety of conditions. See the calendar below for the next dates.


DEFRA 1 Water and Flood Awareness Course is also available online through our exclusive training system with both group and open individual courses available. Your team can learn and get qualified remotely without having to meet at an official training site. These courses meet the DEFRA 1 Water and Flood Awareness requirements and get your team WaterSafe and qualified to carry out their work. 

DEFRA (Module 1) Flood and Awareness Course

Duration: 1/2 day

Cost: £95

Who's it for?

People who's job or task requires them to work near water but without having to enter it.

The DEFRA Flood and Awareness course is focused on people working near the water but not going into it. On completion of the DEFRA Module 1 Water Safety course participants will be aware of the hazards associated with water, and have the knowledge to carry out basic land based ( Shout , Reach, and Throw) rescue techniques. Have a working knowledge of the risks associated with water, know the basic principles and safety measures required to keep yourself and your colleagues safe. This course includes PPE and rescue equipment training for working near water including throw bags, reach and rescue poles and Life Jacket training. Personnel trained to this level should be recertified on an annual basis.

DEFRA (Module 2) Water and Flood First Responder

Duration: 2 day

Cost: £275

Who's it for?

Any person or employee who's task requires them to either enter the water or be at risk of water entry as part of their daily job or task.

On completion of the DEFRA Water Safety Level 2 course participants will be able to implement on site safety risk assessments, have a working knowledge of appropriate use of personal protective equipment, set up an emergency action plan and co-ordinate emergency procedures. This will include experience in how to move, rescue and control yourself and your team in moving water. This course includes using the PPE and rescue equipment training for working near water including throw bags, reach and rescue poles and Life Jacket training in the water. Recertification is required every three years.

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