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Marine Careers

The Bristol Maritime Academy offers high quality courses and training to help you start your career in the maritime industry, or to help you make the next step along your path.

These fast track courses will equip candidates with the skills and qualifications to join an exciting global industry and live, learn and work in exotic locations such as China and Spain.

Superyacht Crew Training

If you long to work on a Superyacht, we offer Crew training, Deck Crew training and Stewardess Training (including silver service) courses to equip you with all the necessary qualifications and skills necessary to provide the highest quality service for your future job opportunities.

We offer STCW95 training packages to clients wishing to work on a commercial vessel, which includes all of the essential codes of conduct. Key skills such as Sea Survival, Fire Fighting and Ship Security are taught, giving you all of the skills and qualifications necessary to start your career.

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Watersports Instructor Training

Not sure what to do next summer? The Bristol Maritime Academy offer a 5 week “Overseas Watersports Instructor Training” program where you will be able to train as a watersports instructor in a European Watersports center, making lifelong memories whilst gaining qualifications.

Becoming a watersports instructor offers rewarding, long-term career paths in stunning locations around the world. There’s currently a huge demand for good instructors worldwide.

It’s a work hard, play hard kind of lifestyle, so if you have good verbal communication skills and get on well with others, and want a lifestyle like none other, then this could be the career path for you.

This 5-week intensive course is based in the exotic Mar Menor, Spain which has been affectionately dubbed “one of sailing’s best kept secrets”. With over 170 square kilometers of lagoon, 350 days of sun and enviable wind statistics make the Mar Menor a unique sailing venue. This course is the only course available where you will be trained to ‘fly’ at the only foil centers in Europe; moth sailing.

Candidates completing the course will be equipped with all of the necessary skills and qualifications to join the exciting marine industry and The Bristol Maritime Academy can offer candidates exclusive opportunities through our global network of watersports centers and clients in exotic locations such as China and the far east.

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Bristol Maritime Academy Jobs

Are you looking for a career in the marine industry or want to join this exciting international market, then have a search through our job vacancies here. Through our global connections with watersports centers and clients we can offer you exclusive opportunities in exotic locations in Europe, China and the far East.

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